Car Dealership Database

This personal project saw me creating a establishing a car dealership database. First of all, I created an Entity Relationship diagram. This diagram defines relationships between the tables in the database, how they will interact with one another, each table’s attributes, and which of them will be defined as Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, composite, and so on. Once I created the E.R diagram and had a clear understanding of how to build the database, I went about creating the database using MySQL in POP SQL. After I completed the database, I began to use a PHP and SQL development environment program XAMPP. I transferred the MySQL code I had previously used in POP SQL to XAMPP’s phpMyAdmin to recreate the database. XAMPP primarily implements MariaDB, a very popular open source MySQL relational database management system, which in turn can be accessed and used through the web server scripting language, PHP.

With PHP, a user is capable of accessing a MySQL database through MariaDB, as well as adding, removing, altering and fully interacting with information in the database though the means of a regular web application. I accessed the data from the database by writing a select all SQL query using PHP and laid out the info on the web page in a table format. Now that I had successfully connected to the database and displayed the information within it, I wrote PHP code that featured SQL queries that allowed the user to add, remove and alter data held in the tables of the database. Once that had been completed, it was just a task of styling the website with CSS.

Project files on GitHub:

My portfolio website:

My LinkedIn profile:

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