Web Design and Development in 2020

Now that the very eventful year of 2019, and with it an entire decade, has come to an end, 2020 brings exiting and infinite new possibilities into the future of web design and development. Developers and designers all over the globe can only imagine what waits for them in the years to come. Here’s some predictions of the design and development trends that we’ll be likely to experience.

1. What programming languages to focus on.

With programming languages such as JavaScript, JQuery, C# and many more being important elements when it comes to web development, everyone is scrambling to become the best and efficient at using them. From analysing written code by developers uploaded to GitHub, JavaScript proves to be the most popular programming language at the moment, closely followed by Java, as JavaScript is considered the best language for web development. PHP is also highly ranked, despite it being considered the worst programming language to work with, in part due to it large companies relying on PHP for constructing databases.

2. Popular Frameworks and Libraries

As well as the programming languages, frameworks and libraries are also a significant factor to take note of as they are in substantial demand for developers to know. Going into 2020, React.js regarded as the best framework, over the past few years being more and more renowned than its competitor Angular.js. A framework that has had a surge in popularity is Vue.js as developers have only slowly recognised it since its creation in 2014.

3. Importance of “Full-Stack”.

A small trend that has appeared recently is that companies hiring designers and developers are becoming increasingly focused on both universal designers and developers that are capable of tackling a wide range of tasks. While it may not affect those in software development too much, be in the knowledge that employers in the near future may be in favour in someone who is a “Jack-Of-All-Trades” rather than and designer or developer who has a specific skill set.

4. The rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become more and more prominent in most industries in recent years. with it being estimated that by the end of 2019 the income of the AI sector was around $1 trillion. This strongly signifies that AI will continue to increase in popularity and see vast advancement, playing a major role in web design and development in the next decade.

5. Animations and illustrations

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Many of you that are familiar with web design know that animations, movement and vibrant colours are extremely effective at grasping the user’s attention. While quite popular leading up to now, animations and illustrations are expected to become more relevant in the coming years, becoming more fluid and organic, as they are helpful in guiding users through your web page, as well as adding a personal, joyful element for users to interact with.

6. Bold Minimalism

Minimalism and the creative inclusion of whitespace has always been a extremely popular design standard. However, pages that feature bold and vibrant colours, especially those that provoke emotions and reflect the overall vibe of the content that the webpage portrays, have proved to more successful than those that use more light, neutral colours.  An extravagant colour scheme coupled with a Minimalist approach to design is expected to become a significant trend in the coming years.

7. Mobile Friendly Design

A responsive and mobile friendly approach has become a must in the modern day when it comes to design and development. As of this, companies are beginning to focus on “thumb-friendly mobile navigation”, designing an application in a way that allows the user to to operate it using primarily their thumb. Therefore, fundamental elements of the app are placed near the centre of the screen, where they can be reached conveniently, greatly improving the app’s usability and the user’s experience.

8. Smart Video

Videos are known as a great way for users to involve themselves with a product, as well as a very efficient method of marketing. A trend predicted to make an insurgence in 2020 and later years are smart videos, short, simple, creative videos that run in the background of a web page, being relevant to what the featured service provides and promoting the business accordingly.


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Modern Website Development trends in 2020

Web Design trends for 2020

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