Greetings everyone. I’m stand here before you today to pitch a solution of mine to a User Experience issue for the Tesco Ireland online website. With this improvement implemented to the website, I believe that it will greatly benefit the usability and make the website more accessible to a wide variety of customers in the near future, leading to increased growth of Tesco as a whole.


To begin with, I interacted the website to first pinpoint any UX issues I found when dealing with it. As Tesco’s is essentially a grocers, I decided to focus mainly on the groceries section of the Tesco Ireland website. The UX issue I came into contact with, and that I choose to resolve, was relatively apparent from the beginning. I saw that the small text that featured prominently, especially in the menus and sub-menus on the website, as a key accessibility issue, as the text was difficult to read, quickly gloss over and select.




With the UX issue with the Tesco Ireland online website now identified, I proceeded with creating three individual user personas and empathy maps, each of which addressed the issue of the small text from separate perspectives.

A person who has poor eyesight.


A person who is in a hurry.


A person who suffers from a motor function disorder.


As well as these user personas and empathy maps of the customers that would have difficulty of using the Tesco Ireland online website currently, I did some further research into the company itself and other services that Tesco provides. I found that as of October, Tesco offered people over 65 years of age free home delivery when they spent over €50 on their online website. With this in mind, the need for this accessibility issue to be assessed seems essential.

The solution to the UX problem to me seemed straightforward. To attend to it, I increased the width of the Tesco Ireland online’s grocery page to 100% width of the browser window, as it was only 80% of the window before. This allowed more space for larger page text to be accomidated. I then proceeded to move the menu futher up the page so that it would be immediatly visable when a user logs on to the page. I also made the menu span multiple line, which improved spacing between selectable catagories and made them in general easier to select, scan through and choose quickly.


To test the effectiveness of my solution, I created a simple interactive prototype of the Tesco Ireland online website incorporating my solution and asked a friend of mine to kindly interact with it for me and complete a defined task.



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